Friday, May 12, 2006

Because I have nothing better to do...

Technically, I should be studying. In reality, I am doing just about anything but. Here are some pictures from our last night of the law school bowling league. Also, there are some pictures from my weekend at Shawnee National Park. The pictures are from "The Garden of the Gods".

Finally, does anyone have any ideas about how to use iPhoto (Mac) to upload pictures to Blogger? I have to figure this out soon, as I will be in The Big City in two weeks and my clunky PC will not be accompanying me. Hope things are well!

Thanks Jon for driving every week! Posted by Picasa

Team Trannie! Congrats to Vijay, Jon, Scott and myself for not being last in the league! Posted by Picasa

This is why we really bowl. Beer and pizza. Posted by Picasa

A Country Mouse special. And that's after two rolls. Posted by Picasa

Team Trannie plus a Foreigner. Posted by Picasa

Despite all the smelly tourists, it was actually quite peaceful. Posted by Picasa

I jumped off that. (Just kidding, Ma.) Posted by Picasa

Pure grace. Posted by Picasa

Others enjoying nature. They were mostly German. Posted by Picasa

Pretty tree. Posted by Picasa

Hahahaha. I mean, what? Posted by Picasa

Here's the explanation. From the experts. Posted by Picasa

Lizard! Lizard! Lizard! Posted by Picasa

The outdoors. Very foreign to a law student. Posted by Picasa

Rocks and stuff growing on rocks. Posted by Picasa

More rocks. Posted by Picasa

Tree and rock. Seriously should get paid for this. Posted by Picasa

Roots. We all have'em. Posted by Picasa

Ewww...It looks like my shower... Posted by Picasa

Nature's reminder of the luck of not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Posted by Picasa

The road ahead. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I don't think this counts as a big city adventure...

But an adventure nonetheless. We went to Virginia for the annual law school softball tournament. The trip turned up great one-liners, such as, "If you don't stop that, I am going to take these keys out of the ignition and stab you", "People burn their trash? Ew.", and "I threw up this many times [indicating three by a count of fingers] in Virginia bathrooms." I have a bunch more pictures, but I can't get the darn things to post and contrary to popular belief, I am pretty busy, so this will do it for now. Hope things are well!

Monday, April 10, 2006

With laser tag! Posted by Picasa

Just in case you have not encountered an indoor restroom door or lock before. Posted by Picasa

Doty enjoys the phenomenon of the Swedish Fish. Posted by Picasa

Chicken in a biskit. With real dehydrated chicken. Posted by Picasa